What makes Denali Lessons unique?

In the Denali Lessons training, Lukasz shares tips on how to reach your personal goals when you are successfully running a career and connect the different lives into one. He shares his personal experiences and the best-in-class examples collected from around the world.

Denali Lessons are based on following principles:

1. We are all different. For Lukasz – the passion is mountains, but his participants have applied the model in a wide range of topics from photography and gardening to simply spending more time with kids and family.

2. We all have dreams and we believe that we can influence the future. This is to key for any improvement in life.

3. We want to live the many lives in one – a career, a family life and our own passions.

Denali Lessons leverages a number of corporate business planning tools and applies them personal dreams and goals. What’s important is that participants spend most of the time defining their individual action plans to make sure that the training changes and improves their life. To make the model more rememberable, even the Denali name is an acronym (just like your business strategy) The letters stand for:

D – Keep on Dreamin’

E – Set Your Expectations

N – Create Your Support Network

A – Define the Action Plan and Critical Steps

L – Continue to Learn, Everyday

I – Create Your Own Income/Investment Model

The workshop is designed for middle to senior-level management, who can already claim a number of business successes, but feel that they have the opportunity to move ahead in all dimensions of their life.