Need a boost of energy and passion?

Are you sensing that your organization needs more employee engagement? Is there a lively water cooler discussion that the grass must be greener elsewhere? Do you sense that this is limiting the potential of your business?

Gallup Institute research shows that less than 50% of employees at US and global companies are truly engaged into their work. Fixing personal well-being and work-life balance is a critical driver of employee engagement and the key to further drive productivity.

Promoting a healthy work-life balance is one of the key criteria to attract and retain top talent. Independent research shows, that companies which recognize the importance of work-life balance and actively promote it have 3-8 times more applicants than their peer companies.

If it’s time to rebuild your employee energy and passion levels, Denali Lessons is here to help you. Denali Lessons is a corporate work-life balance training program designed to drive employee retention, engagement and motivation, by helping them reach their personal dreams and goals.

The program is based on a philosophy of “passionate people, breakthrough results”, which leverages the research data, which shows that helping people drive their personal work-life balance and reach their personal dreams is an important driver of company topline and bottomline growth.

The Denali Lessons work-life balance training workshop has been created by Lukasz Stebelski, who lives with the mantra that “Life begins at the end of our comfort zone” and the best days are those still to come. Lukasz has been successfully climbing a international corporate career at Procter & Gamble for 14 years. At the same time, he managed to scale some of the world’s highest summits, including a Himalayan 8000er, 4 out of the world’s “7 summits” and over a dozen alpine 4000 peaks. He has 2 sons and a healthy family life. His personal goal is to climb Everest by the age of 40. You can read more at